Thursday, October 6, 2016

2016 OctPoWriMo - Day 6

Prompt: Tantalizing
Form: Diamante - A diamond-shaped, seven-line poem, each line prescribed

Limitless, alluring
Opening, energizing, engaging
One’s attempt to disappear from real life
Dazing, shrouding, stunting
Weary, stagnant

Format for Diamante
1. Noun/Subject
2. Two Adjectives (relating to the subject/topic)
3. Three "ing" words (relating to subject/topic)
4. Four nouns (2 relate to the subject; 2 relate to ending noun -- 
            OR -- a short phrase that relates to both)
5. Three "ing" words (relating to ending noun)
6. Two Adjective (relating to ending noun)
7. Ending noun (Antonym or Synonym for subject)

2016 OctPoWriMo - Day 5


Sharpened claws
Sharpened words
Words that cut
Words that dig
Dig a hole
Dig in deep
Deep to the heart
Deep to the quick
Quick to slay
Quick to live
Live in memory
Live in the body
Body image
Body language
Language of hate
Language of fear
Fear of trying
Fear of mistakes
Mistakes that glare
Mistakes that harm
Harm others
Harm self

The Day 5 prompt was “sharp” and the suggested form, the Blitz Poem, originated by Robert Kreim. My version is a “half blitz.”