Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016 OctPoWriMo - #16

Prompt: In Depth


Inhale big
Dive in
Go deep

Dive in
Take a chance
Open up

Take a chance
Find your way
Move on

2016 OctPoWriMo - #15

Prompt: Blue


Celestial Sapphire,
Talisman, protector
Stone of strength
Wisdom, piety


Blue moods spill
Into night’s blue moon
The taste of sorrow
Comes too soon

2016 OctPoWriMo - #14

#14  Prompt: “Shameful”


Head bowed, thick braids fall forward
She shifts, one foot, then the other
Her shoes, broken down, scuffed
Back & forth, side to side
Waiting for the tirade
She knew would spew.

Why should this day be different?