Friday, December 27, 2013

I Believe in Love

I Believe in Love

I believe in love’s power
To transform hearts
Lubricating from inside and out
When applied in liberal doses
Slathered like lotion,
Smoothing where roughness once lived

I believe in love’s power
To overcome wounds
Inflicted with malice or none
Sticks and stones breaking bones
And spirits,
Throwing up a shield

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Poets on the Page December mini-challenge. Day 4
We are to write a poem that is a collage made up from other poems, a poetry form called a Cento. It can be made from lines from other poets' works.

"Either write some brand new lines of your own to weave among the other [poets'] lines or take lines you’ve written in your own poetry."

Mine is a collage from poems I've written this week, woven with new lines.



Stand up
And if you can’t
Rise tall
Step forward
Or feint sideways
Dig into the earth
With one elbow
Then the other
Drag yourself an inch or two ahead
Like the downed soldier you are
Whatever it takes
You know you are enough

Watch for the return of life
not as you once knew it
but new and good
and worth the effort
Baby steps
Or inch-by-inch
It’s all forward,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


From Poets on the Page. Day 3 of the December Mini-challenge

Today’s task is to write a poem of encouragement to continue.


It may not be fair
What happens
It may not be right
It may be the worst
It may be unspeakable
But we suck

Carry on
Do what we must
Keep ourselves going
Bounce back
Step forward
Feint sideways
Whatever it takes


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Today's prompt from Poets on the Page

If you wrote a poem yesterday, choose three lines that you feel are particularly well crafted AND they speak to you. Those lines you chose are now today’s poetry writing prompt.

Start with one of the lines or phrases and begin writing it over and over and over…After you have done that for a moment or two or five, other words will start pushing through. Allow them to push through. Allow them to take the lead. Right here is the raw material for your poem of new beginnings.


and in the moment
when passion returns
overruns the heart hysteria
the overclouded brain
you see the light
                             the path to acceptance
                             to peace
                             within yourself
                             you know you are enough
                             to overcome

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Crush

This is the week of the Poets on the Page week-long challenge. 

Today's prompt and my poem:

Remember a time when something you loved was "torn down". This may be a metaphor for example - a relationship town down or a demolished business or career. It may be a marriage or partnership and it may actually be a building or structure.

Gaze loosely at the photo of the building - in process of being demolished - and as you gaze, bring your experience into your heart and mind.

The Crush

The crush comes swiftly
in that moment
of fragility
heart hysteria thumping
pumping blood
to an uncomprehending brain

The crush lifts slowly
it just takes time
watch for the return of life
not as you once knew it
but new
and good

This poem is to reassure a downhearted spirit that life will be good again.