Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 27 - OctPoWriMo 2013: Family Outing

Today's prompt invited us to play with rhyme. I chose the 10-line Duo-Rhyme. Though the meter may be a bit off, I was able to keep to the rhyme scheme.

                                 Family Outing 

Beauty, nature, and art our quest
A pilgrimage to Taliesin West 
                The winter camp of Frank Lloyd Wright

                Intrigued and charmed, our souls took flight

                Within moments at this hallowed site

                Repeating angles, acute and right

     Set fire to visions, to invite

                The artist inside us to ignite

Enthralled with the setting below the crest
nestled in the foothills, Taliesin West 

This poem reflects our amazing experience this week at our family reunion in Phoenix, AZ. My thanks to my wonderfully creative family members for their help in refining today's poem.


  1. I didn't read the directives regarding meter on this form but the rhythm sounded good to me. Sounds like a fun trip!

  2. Nice! You proved yourself more than up to of today's prompt. You conveyed the sense of fun and wonder of a family outing.

    1. Thank you, Christine. It was lots of fun. xoA

  3. Sometimes, a form needs to be tweaked a little. I don't remember what the rhythm is "supposed" to be, but this sounds great to me. :)