Monday, December 9, 2013

The Crush

This is the week of the Poets on the Page week-long challenge. 

Today's prompt and my poem:

Remember a time when something you loved was "torn down". This may be a metaphor for example - a relationship town down or a demolished business or career. It may be a marriage or partnership and it may actually be a building or structure.

Gaze loosely at the photo of the building - in process of being demolished - and as you gaze, bring your experience into your heart and mind.

The Crush

The crush comes swiftly
in that moment
of fragility
heart hysteria thumping
pumping blood
to an uncomprehending brain

The crush lifts slowly
it just takes time
watch for the return of life
not as you once knew it
but new
and good

This poem is to reassure a downhearted spirit that life will be good again.


  1. How true. Isn't it so, "not as you once knew it, but new, and good." Simply and beautifully said.

  2. Your words perfectly match the image, personified. In the midst of it, so difficult to see that things WILL improve. It won't always be so troubled/troubling.

    You put so much into so few carefully chosen words. Thank you, Annis!

  3. Gorgeous! And true. The "uncomprehending brain" is always playing catch up to the body and soul which are dealing with the devastation and panic long before we have the words to articulate it. Love the hopeful ending.

  4. Thank you, Anna. The hopeful ending was true for me, and I think it is for all of us. xoA