Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15 - OctPoWriMo 2013: The Dress-Up Box

Today’s prompt asked us to check our news sources for inspiration. Choose a headline, phrase, line or the story itself and craft it into the framework of a poem. A headline that caught my eye was in the left-over Sunday Bakersfield Californian: ‘FESS UP: WE LOVE TO PLAY DRESS UP”

This took me back more than 40 years to the days when we lived in a house with a basement and kept a dress-up box for my daughters. 

The Dress-Up Box

The cardboard dress-up box
A prized possession
Sat in the basement
Of our Ann Arbor home
Costumes overflowed like run-off from the rains

Discarded dresses
Hand-me-down hats
Plenty of purses
Once- shiny hoes
Scarves and jewels galore accessorized it all

Two creative sisters
Matched imaginations
Concocting combinations
Befitting the characters and personas
They dramatically assumed
 playing it to the hilt


  1. I wish I still had time to do community theatre. I confess that I love to play dress-up!

    1. What fun, Wanda. Maybe some time will open up soon and you can get back to this kind of play. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. xoA

  2. Oh this is fun, because it sounds fun! :)


    1. My girls loved it, and it was fun for us to see them using their imaginations -- often playing US! Thanks for commenting, Shah. xoA

  3. Loved this one, Annis. Reminded me of times my sister and I played dress-up with my mother's Hollywood castoffs so long ago. "Costumes overflowed like run-off from the rain!" What delightful memories your poem carries.

  4. Oh thank you for picking something uplifting to write about! Reminds me of my nieces...they'd make up the funkiest characters while playing dress-up when they were small. They think they're too grown up now. Lovely poem. :-)

  5. Thank you, Anna. I'm delighted that this poem sparked happy memories. xoA