Saturday, November 30, 2013

POTP: Waiting

Writing Prompt: What are you waiting for? Are you tired of waiting?


The tedium of waiting
Fizzles into nothing
No consequence, no concern
When I am waiting in Mexico
Among easy-going bone-tired women

Who wait in a broken line
Stand on one foot then the other
Shift parcels, clutch pesos
Balance stacks of steaming tortillas
Mind children while watching for the bus

Waiting there fulfills its purpose
I observe and reflect, smile and connect
Utter small words in español
I notice a patience within, a peace
Unlike waiting at home


  1. "easy-going bone-tired women" I love that line and its seeming contradiction...which isn't a contradiction. Easy-going and bone-tired shouldn't fit together but they do...perfectly. I also like the alliteration you've tucked into the remainder of the poem. A vivid snapshot...thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Anna. Those patient Mexican women inspire. xoA

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  5. Thank you for posting this lovely poem that captures so well that slower pace and easy sense of community I've experienced all through Mexico and South America. I even liked how you worked the challenge of speaking a little Spanish into the poem. Lovely!

  6. Don't you just feel it when you're there? The waiting is not difficult or interminable, just a part of how it is. I love watching the people, and I do try to work a little Spanish. Thanks for your comments and encouragement, Beth. xoA